Civil in Intellectual Property

At jalife|caballero® we provide comprehensive legal services, through our civil area which is in charge of the following sectors:

International commercial arbitration

  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
  • London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).
  • American Arbitration Association (AAA).

Ordinary Commercial Trials.

  • Breach of Franchise Agreements.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Actions between partners.

Ordinary Civil Trials.

  • Liquidated Damages for violation of the right to one’s own image.
  • Liquidated Damages for violation of copyright and related rights.
  • Damages for violation of industrial property rights.
  • Moral damage for violation of copyright and related rights.
  • Breach of contract.

Preliminary Ruling Proceedings.

  • Processing of precautionary measures.
  • Preparatory means for trial.
  • Voluntary jurisdictions.

Although we are not a civil law firm, at jalife|caballero® we are concerned with attending proceedings in Family Matters:

Inheritance Rights


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