Distinctive signs

Traditional trademarks

  • Nominative
  • Unnamed
  • Three- dimensional
  • Mixed

Non-traditional trademarks

  • Holographic
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Certification trademarks
  • Trade-dress of a product or service

Trade notices and Trade Names
Notorious and Famous trademarks
Collective trademarks

At jalife|caballero ® we are committed to and understand the value of distinctive signs with our clients, with which they identify and distinguish their products and/or services, through the various figures of Industrial Property.

Our team of specialists has a vast experience in counseling, development, processing and creating strategies for the protection,
conservation and transfer of distinctive signs in our country and abroad. Therefore, our commitment goes beyond just a registration, as we always intend to give an added value to each matter entrusted to us.

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