Silvia Arraut Sánchez


She has worked in the Copyright and Industrial Property area of the firm jalife|caballero and associates® since 1993.

Mediator certified by the Alternative Justice Center of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City.

She has taught the subjects of Industrial Property and Copyright as a titular professor at the Intercontinental University, conducted the Diploma in Intellectual Property at the University of Postgraduate Studies in Law, taught the subject of Copyright at the Autonomous University of Yucatan and the subject Industrial Property at the Institute of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IPIDEC).

Silvia Arraut Sánchez

Partner / Attorney at law specialized in Intellectual Property Litigation
Law Degree


Languages : Spanish and English

Postgraduate studies (institution)

Specialization in Intellectual Property.

Courses and/or Diplomas (Institution)

Diploma in Distinctive Signs from the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA).
Diploma in Amparo Proceedings from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Alternative Justice Center in Mexico City.

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